Winter to come

Its been so cold here in New Zealand lately!! I love winter its my favorite season, but i hate when its pouring down with rain! All you got to do is get out those magazines, drink some coffee and you’ll be fine. Last years winter in New Zealand was mostly hot and it wasn’t really cold, but this years winter is deffinately going to be a cold one! I just get all wrapped up and I’m good to go! My ootd for today is a floral dress from, some tights and some jelly high heels from Hannah’s shoes in New Zealand


New Job

Hey guys
Im sorry i have not posted in like 2ish weeks its because ive been extremely busy, ive had school internals coming out my ears, my new job! My new job is so great im a checkout operator and its loads of fun! I get to meet new people every day i work and i love it! I also went to Womad a few weeks ago and met the amazing lead singer of DUB INC that is who im with in the photo!! I had alot of fun at that! Hes so tall its scary :) but his voice is spectacular!


Hey All

Hey All

I havent forgotten you guys i promise! Ive just been really busy with school and what the teachers call homework haha! School has been good but boring! I havent really been up to much the past week or so but i do have WOMAD this weekend which should be so much fun!! Womad with my best friend Jesse! Its music, dancing, friends, different cultures from all over the world what more could i want wrapped up in 1 massive weekend! It goes for 3 days from tomorrow (friday) to sunday!! Cant wait for that!!
Ill just leave you guys with a pic of the most adorablest cat!! :)



Hey guys!
So ive done the haul video but now i just need to get the link and go onto the computer and make a blog post with it. So the past week ish I’ve been really busy with school and homework and i had swimming sports last week which was super fun! Definitely enjoyed it. If you don’t know what swimming sports is, its where we go to the aquatic centre so the pools and have a whole day like doing swimming races and lots of fun stuff. Its great fun. But next year I’m going to be 7th form so i actually have to compete. Cant wait for next year. Last year of school.


Busy all the time

Hello Everyone who reads my blog once again i am back!! I havent posted anything in a while because ive been busy with school and planning my birthday party which i had last night an it was so much fun!! I enjoyed it alot! Ive also been planning new videos for my youtube channel and i havent uploaded on their in a while either!! Woops oh well ill post on my youtube channel later tonight with a new video which will either be about my daily make up routine or about what ive been up too lately as to why i havent posted!! Great things are going to happen i can feel it!! :)


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